Over time, I've found sites and resources that have helped me grow as a writer-- whether it be a helpful tutorial, a generator, publishing tips, editing 101, etc.
I've found so many helpful resources that I thought I'd compile a big list of all of the writing resources I wish I would have had a long time ago.
Here are some of my favourites!

Note: I was not paid or sponsored by any of these!  These are all resources I found on my own that I use and adore, and no one's paying me to list them here. I just love them so much, gah!

✰ GoTeenWriters ✰ -- all kinds of resources that are wonderful.
I'm not even sure how I came across it, but I'm so glad that I did. They have resources on what feels like everything, from all about writing a novel, to editing it, to publishing it, etc, and it's all advice from published authors. Plus, it's made for teens. And honestly, there are so few good teen-aimed resources! So this is a gem ✧

✔ Seventh Sanctom -- all kinds of generators.
This site is probably one of the best things. There are about a thousand (okay, not that many) different kinds of generators here-- name generators, place name generators, trait generators, item generators... seriously, I can't begin to list all of them. It's absolutely fantastic, and I recommend it so much! It's been super helpful.

✔ Random Name Generator (BehindTheName) -- absolutely awesome.
I've used this site about a thousand trillion times when I'm writing. Many of my characters have received their names thanks to this site. You can choose from a variety of different origins and filter it so you only get those-- so you can generate only French names, or say only Polish names, or Korean names, or English names, or... really, there is a big wide variety. I love it a lot. You can also generate middle names, and there's a spot for a last name if you have one already (or if you want one!)

✔ Random Prompt Generator (Seventh Sanctum) -- extremely helpful.
Oops, but this is a really valuable resource. It will generate you a prompt, and they're always really interesting ones-- not just some boring predictable sentences. You can generate a lot of prompts at once if you need to, and it's very very helpful-- has been for me, in the past. (Funny enough, as I went to the page to link it, it generated me a prompt that used the name of my main character... "Eli will be the source of all my pain and my greatest betrayer." That's not creepy...)

This is all I have for now, but look out for more in the future!

Hope these helped!

with love,