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On Writing: Creating Realistic Dialogue

Realistic dialogue… is definitely not something I used to be able to write. If you glance at any piece of writing from my scary fanfiction archives, it was dreadful. I used to think I was all that, when I was 12 and wrote little fanfics. I thought my dialogue was pretty darn good, and I […]


Why You Should Keep Writing After NaNo

NaNoWriMo threw us all for a loop, probably. If you participated, you probably got thrown through something. An obstacle course made of ridiculously hard complications, with far too few places to take a breath, and all of the struggles imaginable: uncooperative characters, plot holes aplenty, things that made no sense at all, stuff that you […]


[An Introduction Post] – Words

Words. You really don’t ever think about how powerful they are, do you? The words you say have the power to be something much greater than just a few symbols on a page. They can spread something important— words can connect one person from one end of the globe with someone on the other, and […]