Violet’s Sundust: A Little Something

Last week, I talked about how I was finally going to give myself the permission to dream and focus on my dream of becoming published.

And I’ve started! This last week has been full of that: I’ve been writing and working on actually getting this rewrite done. In doing so, I haven’t had the time to write a post.

(And towards the end of it all, a little annoyance named Carpal Tunnel Issues™ decided to flare up™ upon hearing my friend was having them… not welcome back, CPS)

I’ve gotten started on what is hopefully my final rewrite. It’s the third, and the story has changed dramatically since the first.

To be quite honest with you, it’s actually a little more frustrating than I’ve ever let on.

It sounds like a dreamy idea in its simplicity: write a draft, write another, write a few until you’ve finally knocked the story out in the best way you can, then edit it and get it published.

I mean, that sounds nice, doesn’t it?

But it’s definitely not so fast and easy, and this week has been a real show of that. I’ve put in the time, but the story itself has only decided to make wee, itty bitty baby steps in terms of plot. And I’ve run into a slew of fun things like writer’s block, carpal tunnel flare ups, and general confusion.

Truly, a Fun Time™.

Whenever what I’m working on gets slow, feels like ridiculous sludge, I always need a little boost of motivation– or at least, something to make me feel good.

So although I don’t have a full post to share this week, I do have a quote I’ve found along with a very precious cat video that are both very good.

For one:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

This made me think, for a long minute. I just sorta sat there and realised, oh, yes, this is actually legitimate. It kinda gave my brain a headache, if I’m honest– but a good headache, one that made me think and threw a bit of glitter over me.

Whenever something looks impossible… remember that it literally says I’m possible. Plus, the “impossible” things are often the things that aren’t, that we subconsciously try to shoo away because deep down we know that we can do it if we really try.

Additionally, here’s a cat video. It’s 45 seconds long, but it’s literally the purest, softest thing I’ve ever seen and you need it in your life. It made me happy ^-^

I may not have a full post for you this week, but how about this: I believe in you. With whatever projects you’re working on, no matter how sludgey they sometimes feel, I believe in you!

You got this 🙂

I’m hoping to really get in a lot more work this week and really get the train chugga chugga choooooo-ing down the path of progress. (If that… made any sense at all and wasn’t the weirdest metaphor, haha.)

(Honestly, here’s a bonus cat video for being awesome. Also because I love Cole and Marmalade.)


What are you working on? I hope it’s going swell!

*gives glitter* Here’s some glitter to keep you going! ^-^

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